A method of distributing/earning crypto in exchange for performing tasks, usually organized, and paid out by a company/team. For example: Fill in a form, sign up to a mailing list, download an app and follow on Twitter, for $20 of crypto.
Example Sentence : Did you get those free UNI coins? They gave everyone 400 UNI in their airdrop.
by cfaulk 2020-11-20 04:17:00

Airdrops aim to take advantage of network effect by engaging existing holders of a particular blockchain-based currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum in their currency or project. There are two ways creators distribute their tokens: by selecting recipients at random, or by publishing the event in airdrop-related bulletin boards or newsletters. Often, random Ethereum accounts with value above a certain threshold will receive various unsolicited airdropped tokens. Many websites now exist which promote cryptocurrency Airdrops, and social media is a great place to read about upcoming Airdrops. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can gain free cryptocurrency by supporting projects who release coins through an Airdrop. Often, Airdrops will have requirements such as joining a Telegram channel, retweeting a tweet, or inviting new users to the project. Should the participant have to contribute capital towards the project, then this is not considered an airdrop, but an ICO.

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